RADIUS - The EM Imaging Software





Our most modern EM imaging software is the perfect interface between microscope, camera and specimen. As the central integrator, RADIUS guides you systematically through every working step with clearly-organized layouts and defined workflows - starting with system control, moving on to image capture and further processing, finally covering documentation and distribution of the results

RADIUS is fascinating in terms of system integration. Microscope, camera, motorized stage, goniometer, image/beam shift — there is hardly a system component which is not integrated in RADIUS and accessible in direct live mode.

RADIUS and the EMSIS TEM cameras are perfectly matched. It is extremely simple to capture perfect, detailed images with RADIUS.

In live mode, there is direct access to all the important camera functions, such as exposure times, resolutions, camera change and averaging and moreover, every setting change is executed ”on-the-fly”.

As with the camera control, the user has direct access from RADIUS to the motorized and controllable components of many modern electron microscopes.

With unique camera features like drift correction, HDR, online sharpness filter, smart averaging, enhanced Fourier transformation & filtering and unique device controls like ”Click-to-center” and automatic eucentricity, RADIUS is the one EM software ensuring best quality images with a mere click of a button.


Functional Group Features
Acquisition Standard and enhanced live and snapshot functions
  Smart exposure
  Smart live image averaging
  Sharpness filter (live / snapshot)
  Smart drift correction
  Movie acquisition, Video recording and streaming
  Automatic calibration of bright field and diffraction images
  Online histogram
  Live line profile with averaging
  Information stamp
  High-dynamic range images (HDR)
Device control Multiple Image Alignment (MIA)
  TEM alignments (autofocus, stigmator, eucentricity, coma-free)
  TEM control (magnification, goniometer, stage, image mode...)
  Virtual EM control for legacy EMs providing no remote control capability
Image processing Image navigator and gallery
  Full set of image filters with extended preview
  Morphological filters* (with RADIUS Solution Detection)
  Image geometry
  Interactive measurements - real and reciprocal space
  Export of measurement results (txt, csv)
  Measurement assistance for diffraction patterns
  Line profile with averaging
  Image layers
  Automated particle detection and analysis* (with RADIUS Solution Detection)
Fourier analysis Fourier analysis both in live and offline images
  Discrete and Fast Fourier Transformation
  Multiple ROIs, 2n and arbitrary rectangular (DFT/FFT)
  Line profile in Fourier space
  Filtered and inverse Fourier transformations dynamically linked with origin
  Filtering in Fourier space (band pass, sector, blob, lattice)
Image export Automatic image naming
  Annotations: text, arrows, misc. labels
Macros Macro recording
Miscellaneous Windows 10 (64-bit)
  Different layouts user definable
  Expandable via Solutions*
  Dark application skin
  License key file based software protection