The latest camera in our long history of renowned side-entry cameras is the 5 megapixels TEM camera MAKIYA. It is designed for the side-entry (“35mm”) of most nowadays TEMs and fills the gap between the MegaView G3 and the Phurona.

The MAKIYA comes with a modern CMOS sensor, providing 2,464 x 2,056 square pixels, sufficient resolution for a lot of standard imaging task, either standalone or as a perfect large-field-of-view supplement to a high-end bottom mount camera, like the XAROSA.

The MAKIYA camera provides a convenient speed of at least 45 frames per second at its full 5 megapixels resolution, which makes the use of binning for speed enhancement superfluous. A 2x binning with 90 fps is available for applications like diffraction, of which the MAKIYA is fully capable of – even without a beam stop.

The customized lens optics, based on our long experience, ensures high light transmission efficiency, low to no distortion, no reflections, no chromatic aberration, and lowest vignetting.

Its overall specifications make no compromises. It’s price performance ratio and versatility make it a best fit for standard Life and Materials Sciences applications which are in need of a large field of view, relatively high resolution and speed for an affordable price. The MAKIYA is a perfect match for any standard TEM but also for retrofitting legacy TEMs or TEMs yet without any decent camera (check with EMSIS for compatibility).



Sensor Type


Image size max.

2,464 x 2,056 pixels

Field of view (typical)

24.7 mm x 20.6 mm


1x, 2x

Frame rate @ full resolution

45 frames per second (fps) - 90 fps

Exposure time

1 ms – 10 sec

Optical coupling

Customized lens

Data interface

USB 3.0

Mounting position

Side mount - wide angle (35 mm) - single port

Operating system

Windows 11 (64 bit)

Imaging software