Our new TEM CMOS camera QEDIRA (model B60T) again proves our decades of experience in developing highest quality TEM cameras: carefully selected components and sophisticated craftsmanship perfectly culminates in this new camera.
EMSIS understands how to provide the best fit of resolution and sensitivity for all TEM applications, and once again applied this concept to the QEDIRA, achieving again the perfect match between pixel size, fibre optics and scintillator, maximizing the field of view and perfectly adapting the effective pixel size at the same time.

The QEDIRA comes with a high resolution 61 megapixel mode with at least 15 frames per seconds, and two 15 megapixel modes with either high speed (at least 38 frames per second) or high sensitivity- comfortably pick the mode you need. All give you perfect images and leave no questions unanswered. Even the full resolution 61 megapixel mode with its 15 frames per seconds still provide more than enough speed for e.g., focusing in live mode.

Again, being the pioneer of using most modern industry standards for data transfer and not relying on non-standard, customized solutions, we support now the Thunderbolt 4 interface with its up to 40 Gbps transfer rate with the QEDIRA, thus guaranteeing extremely stable and fast data transfer to most modern and powerful workstations.

In combination with our state-of-the-art imaging software RADIUS 2.3, the QEDIRA CMOS TEM camera provides high-speed video recording, high-dynamic range imaging (HDR-I), smart averaging and drift correction. And the best thing about it is: the QEDIRA brings this all to you out of the box, no questions asked, no additional costs.

You will not need more - you should not accept less



Sensor type


Image size (max)

9,568 x 6,380 pixels

Effective pixel size

7.5 x 7.5 µm²

Frame rates

38 frames per second (fps) @ 15 megapixel / 15 fps @ 61 megapixel


No blooming (CMOS)

Camera coupling

tapered fiber optics

Data interface


Operating system

Windows 11 (64 bit)

Imaging software

RADIUS 2.3 - with HDR, Averaging, Drift correction, Sub-area readout, Movie recording,...

Mounting position

Bottom mount, on-axis

Available Options

Flange with integrated shutter for specific TEMs