MAKIYA — 5 megapixel high speed CMOS for the side-entry port available now!


Our new 5 megapixel TEM CMOS camera MAKIYA (model S05U) for the typical side-entry port ("35mm") of a TEM provides up to 50 frames per second in its full 5 megapixel resolution, using a fast USB 3.0 interface to the computer. It can reach up to 95 frames per second in 2x binning and fills the gap between the MegaView G3 and the Phurona.

The customized lens optics, based on our long experience, ensures high light transmission efficiency, low to no distortion, no reflections, no chromatic aberration, and lowest vignetting.

Its overall specifications make no compromises. It’s price performance ratio and versatility make it a best fit for standard Life and Materials Sciences applications which are in need of a large field of view, relatively high resolution and speed for an affordable price. The MAKIYA is a perfect match for any standard TEM but also for retrofitting legacy TEMs or TEMs yet without any decent camera (check with EMSIS for compatibility).

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TOLARA – EMSIS’ new 6 megapixel TEM camera for the bottom port


EMSIS presents its next model in its successful line of bottom mount high resolution cameras: the 6 MP TOLARA TEM camera, representing a mid-range, affordable TEM camera by EMSIS, but with virtually no compromises to speed and quality.

[Read more in the Press Release...]TOLARA - 6 MP TEM Camera

Camera concept
The TOLARA provides high resolution, high speed in full view, well settled CCD sensor technology, a robust and fast data interface, high sensitivity and excellent contrast. Its price point makes it the perfect choice for retrofitting legacy or current TEMs, but also for budget tenders and such. The TOLARA fulfills stringent quality demands as well as market requests.

Camera details
The TOLARA camera comes with a fiber optical taper resulting in a large effective pixel size of about 16.5 x 16.5 µm². The super-fast CCD sensor provides 2,752 x 2,192 pixels (= 6 megapixel), resulting in a field of view of more than 45 x 36 mm².
Again, EMSIS combines proven CCD sensor technology with sophisticated electronics, thus enabling high speed read-outs via USB 3.0 of more than 28 frames per second (fps) in full resolution and almost 70 fps maximum speed.
The live features of RADIUS 2.2 - video recording, smart averaging, drift correction, HDR imaging - open up new capabilities in TEM observations for all day work, allowing the operator to find sample areas of interest quickly and efficiently. A number of real-time functions ensure the best possible image quality.

Discontinuation of iTEM and Scandium

 Scandium iTEM discontinued

After a long and successful lifetime of almost 15 years the end of our analySIS based products iTEM and Scandium has finally come – inevitable.

Not only the fact that our EMSIS Imaging plattform RADIUS has taken over the role since almost six years but also the non-rectifiable incompatibilities with newer hardware and operating systems made it necessary to bring the story of iTEM and Scandium to an end eventually.

For details please see the discontinuation note and refer also to the note for limited warranty and support.

PHURONA — 12 megapixel ultra high speed CMOS for the side-entry port available now!


Our 12 megapixel TEM CMOS camera PHURONA (model S12U) for the typical side-entry port ("35mm") of a TEM provides up to 20 frames per second in its full 12 megapixel resolution, using a fast USB 3.0 interface to the computer. It can reach up to 50 frames per second in 2x binning, which gives the user still a high enough resolution to watch fast moving details, e.g. for quick screening of a sample in a TEM.

The PHURONA is the perfect side­-entry camera, either for exclusive use or as an add-on camera for an existing bottom-mount camera, providing a larger field of view.

The latest CMOS technology of the PHURONA brings to you speed, sensitivity, high dynamic range and a large field of view. The CMOS image sensor shows no blooming and hence is all best suited also for diffraction images.

The PHURONA is the choice for customers looking for a fast and easy to use side entry camera with high image quality and a large field of view.