About Us - EMSIS GmbH

EMSIS GmbH located in Nano-Bioanalytik-Center, Muenster

EMSIS GmbH with its headquarters located in Münster, Germany provides cameras and software for electron microscopy since more than 25 years.

Although newly founded in 2015, our strong and profound knowledge of electron microscopy originates from our well-known predecessor companies SIS and Olympus-SIS, and this unique heritage is what is strongly preserved and developed further on with EMSIS.

The support of legacy systems such as the famous MegaView series as well as the development of ground breaking and yet unrivaled products like the 20 megapixel CMOS TEM camera XAROSA are all based on this knowledge of the EM market and its applications.

Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost objective and hundreds of satisfied old and new customers worldwide speak for themselves.


Stephan Egelkamp, Christoph Hülk & Jens Krieger
Management and Founders of