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The latest generation of our most versatile and reliable side-entry TEM camera system MegaView.

Our MegaView camera is a synonym for best-price performance ratio of TEM cameras for more than 15 years. The new MegaView G3 (Model S03U) is the 4th generation of our most versatile and reliable side entry TEM camera system MegaView. The pneumatically driven camera fits to the wide-angle (35mm) port of almost all common TEMs.

The MegaView G3 is equipped with a sensitive 2.8 megapixel CCD chip and it achieves more than 55 frames per second at full resolution and 160 frames per second at binning 5 x. Fast data transfer is guaranteed by using USB 3.0.

A TEM camera is not complete without its acquisition and imaging software. RADIUS provides everything: drift correction, “click-to-center”, smart averaging, full interactive measurements and the integrated image database eases your daily work routines.

Compared to its predecessors this 4th generation provides you with

• 6x higher frame rates
• 2x more resolution
• Higher sensitivity
• Higher Signal-to-Noise ratio

For upgrading your existing MegaView camera system we offer attractive in-field upgradeability of legacy models by our new MegaView G3. 

With the MegaView G3 your system will be safe for the next decade.

Download the MEGAVIEW G3 brochure.


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Materials Science

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Sensor Type

Interline CCD sensor

Image size max.

1936 x 1456 pixels

Effective pixel size

13 µm x 13 µm


Temperature stabilized


2x, 3x, 4x, 5x

Partial readout


Frame rate @ full resolution

55 frames per second (fps)

Frame rate @ binning

160 frames per second (fps, 5x)

Exposure time

100 µs – 10 sec



Optical coupling

Customized lens

Data interface

USB 3.0

Mounting position

Wide angle (35 mm) - single port

Operating system

Windows 7 - 64 bit

Imaging software