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5.3 megapixel bottom-mounted TEM camera

TENGRA is EMSIS’ 5.3 megapixel TEM CCD bottom mounted on-axis camera. This state of the art camera offers a great value solution for all standard TEM image acquisition applications with a strong focus on materials sciences. TENGRA combines a large, sensitive CCD chip with attractively high readout speed, tapered fiber optics and a perfectly matched phosphor scintillator, to meet the highest quality demands.

The TENGRA camera system provides extraordinary resolution with its 2:1 fiber optic taper, which increases the effective pixel size to 18 µm x 18 µm; hence ideally matching scintillator thickness and pixel size and ensuring that the maximum number of photons are detected. This highly efficient conversion of primary electrons in the scintillator combined with optimized electronic design delivers a near perfect signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in an outstanding image with optimal resolution and high sensitivity.

A Peltier cooling, supported by a self contained water cooling system, minimizes the CCD dark current of the TENGRA camera system and stabilizes the system temperature. A well capacity of over 60,000 electrons results in an efficient 14-bit dynamic range and a perfect signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring data precision for any imaging task. The interline CCD chip provides up to 2304 x 2304 pixel resolution resulting in a large field of view of 41 mm x 41 mm, which enables the camera to offer a field of view corresponding approximately to half the size of a conventional photo plate.

The TENGRA is a high speed digital imaging solution supporting several binning modes as well as partial read out. Using the binning mode increases frame rates and sensitivity. Capturing and streaming digital video directly from live images to observe dynamic events has been a basic element of our imaging platform already for years. The TENGRA is an ideal solution for recording high resolution electron diffraction patterns. The high anti blooming performance of the CCD sensor and advanced CCD electronic design make the recording of electron diffraction patterns without artifacts an easy and routine task. It guarantees optimum sensitivity and resolution for diffraction imaging.


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Tengra, 5.3 megapixel bottom-mounted TEM camera
Tengra, 5.3 megapixel bottom-mounted TEM camera
dislocations in steel
dislocations in steel


Materials Sciences


Particle and object analysis

Life Science

Digital documentation


Chip type

interline CCD sensor


2304 x 2304 pixels

Binning 2x

1152 x 1152 pixels

Pixel size

9 µm x 9 µm

Effective pixel size

18 µm x 18 µm


2x, 3x, 4x

Pixel clock rate

25 / 50 MHz

Frame rate @ full resolution

> 2 frames per second (HQ)

Frame rate @ binning

> 12 frames per second (fps)


14 bit

Exposure time

1 ms – 100 s


20°C @ 25°C ambient temperature

Mounting position

bottom port (on axis)

Anti blooming

> 100x

PC interface

FireWire – IEEE1394a

Optical coupling

fibre optics (2:1)

Partial readout


Full well capacity

> 60,000 e-

Operating system/ Imaging software

Windows 7 – 64 bit / RADIUS